OFFICIAL: Arrivabene is out of Ferrari, Binotto takes command in 2019

It seemed somewhat invincible, the rumors were getting bigger and bigger and the discomfort and internal tension between Maurizio Arrivabene and Mattia Binotto was increasingly unbearable. Therefore, this change should be made for the good of the team itself and to avoid that the technician who has taken Ferrari back to the top of the performance, did not go to another team.

Now the Italian press says that Sergio Marchionne had already planned this movement, but I do not know if the deceased had the discomfort that has been generated this season after losing the World Cup when they had everything to win, the car They performed and they went ahead in points in the summer. But a series of huge mistakes by Sebastian Vettel made that advantage vanish completely and that Mercedes, with a grown Hamilton won.

Arrivabene came out in defense of Sebastian Vettel and added that Ferrari also made mistakes and the performance of the car was not what was expected. But Mattia Binotto who led the technical team, had fulfilled, leaving the soul to create a car that in most of the races was superior to Mercedes and was not going to allow his work to be looked down on in that way.

Well, we already know today officially that Arrivabene will be replaced by Binotto from now on. After four years of commitment to Ferrari, the Italian leaves Maranello to leave his post to the Swiss. The work of which until now was technical director, will take Ferrari back to victory, starting this 2019 with his new project and a new pilot, young Charles Leclerc who will not make it easy for Vettel ...

The Binotto position is free, There is no technical director at the moment and you do not know very well what will happen, if you hire a new technical director or if you will do the same as Toro Rosso, put one, but they will restructure the hierarchy differently.

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